Dear Travelers!

Welcome to our company, Kaposvári Közlekedési Zrt. Not only will you be able to meet our site not only with the operation of our company, but also find the latest information on the journey and the current timetable that we have designed and modified to make it as comfortable as possible for our passengers.
We are committed to environmental consciousness, so for a few years our entire fleet fleet has been replaced by alternative powered compressed natural gas (CNG) buses, with no pollutant or noise emission. Our flights, which deliver around 8.2 million passengers per year, are also easy to use for people with visual, hearing and disability.
With my colleagues, we strive to provide a high quality service that more and more people are using for public transport.
Thank you for choosing us during your trip!

Jánosné Veizer
Chief Executive Officer
Kaposvári Közlekedési Zrt.